About Our Company


Why do so many professionals put their trust in Aurelys?

Because they know that their interests lie at the heart of our business model. With Aurelys we place our technology and expertise at your disposal to enable you to achieve your financial objectives with complete serenity and transparency :

• We constantly monitor the financial markets from a geo-political and macro-economic perspective. In this way, we offer a creative dimension to your diversification strategy.

• We guarantee performing made-to-measure products that match your objectives.

• Our proactive approach to market psychology when establishing your projects empowers you with a clear advantage in your decisions.

• Our independence gives you a guarantee of objectivity and freedom; you are not restricted by standardized investment frameworks or proprietary products.

• Our permanent technical assistance is a key factor for supporting you in the commercialisation and implementation of products.

• We know that our prices are the most competitive on the market.

• We do not position ourselves as asset managers, thus avoiding any conflic tof interest with our clients.