Our Values


Aurelys is exclusively dedicated to creating structured products and providing you with numerous significant advantages to ensure the success of your investment strategy :

1. Our products are personalized. After carefully analysing your needs, we take into account your specific terms to create the desired-for yield profile. Aurelys works with the most renowned banks, all of which rank ‘A’ or above. For dynamic assets, our analysts continuously monitor markets and sectors to provide the best market opportunities.

2. Our products are transparent. Each new product is accompanied by a clear and comprehensive documentation. Our experts are on hand to provide real-time information at any time.

3. Our products are the most competitive. With Aurelys, you will benefit from the best financial conditions, both in terms of service and pricing. We have been successfully designing tailor-made products since early 2004.

4. Our products perform. Perhaps there is a particular product or investment vehicle that has caught your eye ? Don’t hesitate to contact us – together we can analyse the product and, more importantly – the conditions on offer. Aurelys experts are always eager to take on the challenge of finding you an equivalent alternative option that will perform better,both in terms of structure and of pricing.